Обзор Ocean Protocol ICO

ICO NameOcean Protocol
Start DateАпрель 30, 2019
End DateTBA

The Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem composed of data assets and services, where assets are represented by data and algorithms, and services are represented by integration, processing and persistence mechanisms. Ocean Protocol facilitates discovery by storing and promoting metadata, linking assets and services, and provides a licensing framework that has toolsets for pricing.

⏰ It's almost time! @anapheys, Lead @OceanDAO_ is set to speak at the Alternate Future Summit’s panel “Ecosystems in the Virtual World – Do borders even matter?” at 16:45 GMT.

We'll see you there!



Here's some highlights of @OceanDAO_ since day one:

📍106 projects funded, building and strengthening Ocean's ecosystem and the data economy
📍121,672,417 OCEAN Voted
📍194,868 OCEAN burned since Round 8

More on OceanDAO here: https://t.co/pqBzsmc1wt


🗺️Swash is part of a constellation of thinkers and innovators on a mission to create a more balanced #dataeconomy

Meet @BrucePon, Founder and CEO of @oceanprotocol and Advisor to #Swash⬇️

#web3 #data

“It’s about getting people’s data in a way that has their consent"

Watch @BrucePon’s latest interview with @swashapp where he discusses his vision for the data economy and Ocean's purpose in it as a connective tissue.

#dataeconomy @chloe__diamond


We're encouraging all the projects that have applied within @OceanDAO_ to register for a grant on @gitcoin Round 11 and increase their #bang, to further grow their chances of success!

Check out the OceanDAO Community Grants at GR11 and support by Sep 22: https://t.co/P6Qkj7mdgV


Grants Round 11 ($950K Match) Day 6 of 15 stats:

🙌 - 54,000+ contributions from over 3,000 people = $348,529. +13.7% from 09/13.

📝 - 925 grants contributed towards. + 2.2% from 09/13

💰 - turn your crypto into a 'vote' and fund a grant today at https://t.co/EuP1mCwq9H

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